When to prepare the skin for an event?

Theideal time to prepare for an event, whether you are the bride, the mother of the bride, or a guest, is not the day before. Not even two-three days before. Numerous beauty treatments temporarily result in skin marks or visible peeling. These are excellent treatments that improve the complexion within a few days. However, in the two-three, sometimes four days after the treatment, you may not look perfect. Especially if you came to the cosmetologist for the first time, and she isn’t familiar with your skin, which also means that she can’t predict how it will react.

Another important thing: The change you want to achieve: Skin that is radiant, vital, and beautiful – is attainable but requires at least three weeks of preparation. Preparation entails: Coming to the cosmetologist, assessing the condition of your skin, receiving treatment and suitable products that achieve a rapid change, within a week, in the skin’s appearance. Using these products for two-three weeks will give a much more impressive result. The most beautiful dress will not suit you if your skin is ashen and not well cared for, or if you have spots, comedones, and whiteheads. However, with a “million dollar” face you’ll look amazing even in jeans and a T-shirt. All the more so in the wonderful dress you’re planning to wear.

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