Biofor is the leading Israeli scientific cosmetics company in development and marketing of therapeutic skin products. The products are included in the category of Cosmeceuticals. The company was founded in 2006 by Ronit Segev, Bsc, MA, biologist and skin researcher, engaged in more than 15 years in research and development of solutions for skin treatment 
Segev has published dozens of articles about skin care, published in professional journals 
Author of the book “Dermo Cosmetics – A scientific approach to professional cosmetic treatment” – that is enlightening to professionals in skin care field
The company has developed products for the treatment of:
• Hyperpigmentation
• Signs of aging
• Acne and post-acne
• Scars and texture imperfections
Biofor products are professional. They are concentrated and active, and require professional skin diagnosis prior to matching the relevant product. After diagnosis, the unique products guidelines will be adapted to each individual and will be monitored closely by the professional aesthetician until desired results are achieved. Products are sold exclusively to authorized cosmetic clinics. Biofor accompany each of the clinics and aestheticians providing them with advanced professional training.
Biofor is known as a leader in treatment outcomes. These outcomes are documented and photographed in the photo gallery. These results were possible due to the thorough understanding of skin conditions, and a lot of crucial information provided by the experts of Biofor to licensed Doctors and aestheticians.
To get good results, patients and clients need to follow-up the care program that was adjusted to them personally, and arrive to the cosmetician for a follow-up as needed
Biofor leads the field of Personal cosmetics, following the global trend of personal medicine. Biofor has developed a unique method in Israel and around the world, for genetic and personal adaptation of cosmetics per patient.
All of Biofor products:
• Were not tested on animals
• Do not contain animal ingredients
• Paraben free 
• Scientific development based on the most recent studies
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