When the treatment of acne is not progressing

When the treatment of acne is not progressing…
Or if the condition worsens. This happens, right?
Let’s go through the check-up list, check whether we are managing the treatment correctly:
A. Is the skin dehydrated?
Lack of moisture worsens acne and sometimes creates acne. It can also cause “stuckness” in treatment. Enrich cream will be given if there is no moisture in the regimen at all. If the skin is dehydrated, the exfoliator will only be applied over the moisturizer. Note that in autumn and winter the humidity level outside drops, there are those who need less moisture in the summer and in the dry season will need it.
B. Is the skin irritated?
If so, reduce to half/third dose of Azelight; maybe less treatment days; or take a break from using Azlight. Add Calming to use several hours a day. One or more of those – will give us gentler treatment.
C. Do we use Bright or Lacto Feel on papules/pustules?
Remember: Bright or Lacto Feel do not treat acne. They treat comedones, scars, texture, red marks but not acne. In acne they can also worsen the condition. Even if there are comedones combined with pimples, we will focus on acne lesions for as long as they exist. The Bright/Lacto Feel will come later. So make a rule: wounds = Azelight / Azo Care / Azelight+. Comedones = Bright/Laco Feel. If you gave HA product on active acne – have your patient put it aside for a while.
D. Have we given the accurate protocol for the acne condition?
Sometimes the treatment we have given is too “massive” for the condition of this acne or perhaps not powerful enough for this type of acne; Sometimes we give Derma Peel in case Azelight is needed; or give only Kure without Azelight…
E. Does the customer follow the instructions we gave him?
It is clear that without full cooperation we will not be able to move forward, even with the right treatment plan.
F. Is the client’s skin affected by certain types of nutrition and if so, does he try to keep them to a minimum?
G. Was the treatment we did in the clinic (drainage, peeling with HA peel) necessary? Did it make things worse? Many times you exfoliate with HA or drain in a situation where you don’t need both, and not only do you not need to, they can cause stress and worsening. Papules and pustules do not require drainage. Only proper products for home use and Azo Peel at the clinic. In acne it is very common that most of the treatment period the skin is not touched and the ingredients do all the work.
H. Is there background stress?
Although we can’t cure the stress, we’ll check. So we know the condition we are dealing with. Draw the patient’s attention (and if very young, also the parents). Explain the connection between stress and acne. Sometimes it’s a temporary stress period like before exams etc.
I. Does the client believe in us and in the treatment, and is recruited for it?
If not, we work in conditions similar to walking against the wind. It’s hard to move forward. The patient’s faith is very important, both in terms of morale and for the results themselves. If he doesn’t believe, he’ll be less cooperative. And the body itself will heal more slowly, because, you know, the placebo effect works. So the solution will be to create a state of confidence in the patient.
Good luck 😊
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