What treatment to choose?

Should I do Botox or not? Should I have an eyelift or a neck lift? Should I use a professional skin renewal product? Should I do a series of peeling treatments with my cosmetologist? Or something new that I haven’t heard of yet?

Good questions. But you don’t have to choose between Botox and a renewal cream. There’s no need to decide between surgery and peeling at the skincare clinic. These treatments complement each other. Think about this: At age 50 (for example), with wrinkles at the sides of the mouth, slightly tired skin that is faded and with uneven texture, will filling the wrinkles change the skin’s texture? Will the skin become more vital and radiant even once the wrinkles are no longer visible?

Think about plastic surgery. Will lifting the skin make it more beautiful? Although plastic surgery removes excess skin and improves wrinkles, the skin you went into surgery with will continue with you afterwards as well. And if it was ashen, lackluster, with sun or age spots – they’ll remain even after surgery.

The important point is that both the plastic surgeon and the professional cosmetologist are crucial to making your skin look youthful. With the right cosmetic treatment, using the right at-home products, you can delay the need for surgery or injections by many years.

The experienced and knowledgeable cosmetologist will be able to advise you on what’s best for your skin. You can achieve beautiful skin in various ways. Most of which you’ll be unfamiliar with. Some are more unpleasant, some less so. Some are more expensive, some less so. Some methods require you to make an investment and commitment, and others don’t. Every woman will have her own way to renew her skin that’s right for her. Every woman is a unique individual with different skin characteristics, a different daily routine, sensitivities, habits and hobbies, budget, preferences.The most precise and professional skincare can be matched for each and every one.

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