The professional Attitude of personalized cosmetics

Wow, what a result! What did you give her?……
A very common comment on Facebook after a beautiful before-after image appears, like the one we see here.
Who among us hasn’t asked it at least once, or seen such questions from other cosmeticians … “What did you give her?”
Let’s give it another thought … How relevant and wise will be Such an answer?
How much she has advanced us in our understanding of treating hyperpigmentation, beyond the understanding we had before?
After all, everything we saw in the post is – a picture of a woman with hyperpigmentation on the right, and a picture of that woman without \reduced hyperpigmentation – on the left.
No further details!
Do we know anything else about the patient’s background data?
Is the answer “Product X and Product Y” will turn us into a better or wiser cosmetologists?
Do we know what the consideration and the logic, to give this patient X?
And why was Product Y was adapted to her in this case?
Do we know how did the treatment progressed; how did the protocol change according to the responses?
After all, every patient is a unique individual with his own personal set of sensitivities, skin tone, history, the ingredients that he responded well and to which products no, nutrition, sun exposure, level of cooperation, even budget….and other considerations.
Our treatment protocol always changes along the way!
The protocol (frequency, doses/half-doses, order of work, Special instructions) is the secret of magic- Not only the products -but the routine instructions and the regular monitoring of the treatment according to the skin response.
One skin therapist will give products Y, X to a patient with acne and will not get results. while the other cosmetician, give the same two products and achieve full healing.
Why? Because for the first customer these are not the accurate products
– for a variety of reasons, and for the second they do fit.
And even if they were Suitable for both: Cosmetologist A gave a precise protocol and changed it exactly when needed for the right directions,
and another colleague didn’t…
In practice, for the skin professionals, the head and logic is the most important product in the clinic.The understanding, the creativity, the experience, the knowledge- and this is the magical product that colleague gave to the customer, the one that we saw her before-and-after pictures on Facebook.
She gave the knowledge & her specialty.
So, if we want to learn from others, let’s ask instead of, “What did you give?”
“tell me about the course of treatment, what the patient’s background is, what were your considerations, how the treatment developed, when and why you changed the the protocol \ what the reactions were.”
In short -Personalized Cosmetics – the full story of the patient – a complete and informative case study.
The kind that teaches us to make better treatment decisions.
ייתכן שזו תמונה של ‏‏‏2‏ אנשים‏ ו‏טקסט שאומר '‏‎BIOFOR PERSONALIZED COSMETICS Before After Cosmetician: Marvat Moalem‎‏'‏‏
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