Milia and comedones

Milia and comedones are not the same, but their treatment is similar in terms of treatment planning and home products.
The content of the comedones is sebum, we can press and drain it out. Skin that tends to produce comedones is characterized by a cell turnover problem, not excess sebum production. The shedding of the skin cells is not effective and therefore clogs are formed, which prevent the normal amount of sebum from draining out.
Milia, on the other hand, have keratin and not sebum. The color of the keratin protein is white and some of us mistakenly think that it is sebum. We do not press, as in the case of comedones, but poke lightly – to get the contents out (where possible). The formation of milia is a genetic predisposition.
In both cases, we need to give therapeutic products for home use and not be satisfied with clinic treatment.
The ingredients for the home treatment will be exfoliators.
We will match the customer with exfoliating product that will do 2 things:
A. will facilitate the drainage.
B. will reduce the amount of comedones / miliums that will come out later.
What exfoliants can be given?
Bright for light skin tones or Lacto Feel for dark tones. It is possible to give Renew if it is a mature skin in which we would also like to give rejuvenation.
The use of Bright / Lacto Feel will be daily. Not only before draining the skin, but throughout, as long as the skin tends to produce comedones/miliums. In comedones, the tendency may disappear after a certain treatment period, but we will continue with a maintenance dose of the exfoliating product for several more months. For example: twice a week, then once a week, then once every two weeks… until we decide that home treatment is no longer needed.
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