Professional Articles

Chapter 1

מאת: רונית שגב, MA, Bsc

Being a wise consumer of products and professional information – Separating the wheat from the chaff Our current era is one in which science provides us […]

Chapter 2

מאת: רונית שגב, MA, Bsc

The clinical approach to cosmetic treatment Active ingredients in cosmetic products are like raw materials in an artist’s hands. The wise cosmetologist who understands the ingredients’ […]

Chapter 3

מאת: רונית שגב, MA, Bsc

The cosmetician and the treatment given by the doctor: how to combine the two Our clients are often treated for the same problem by a dermatologist […]

Chapter 4

מאת: רונית שגב, MA, Bsc

Achieving excellent treatment results – The profile of aprofessional cosmetologist In recent years, cosmetology has made leaps and bounds toward professionalization. Now, more than ever, the […]

Chapter 5

מאת: רונית שגב, MA, Bsc

Infusing ingredients in the cosmetic treatment: What can and cannot be done We find the words “skin infusion therpy” enchanting. Infusing products/ingredients is one of the […]

Chapter 6

מאת: רונית שגב, MA, Bsc

Wise judgment and clinical thinking – Daily implementation in cosmetology issues Cosmetology presents us with numerous facts, recommendations, instructions and products – which are meant to […]

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