Aquaxyl and propanediol

There are tens of thousands of different moisturizing ingredients, in different sizes and with different characteristics. Hyaluronic acid is also a moisturizer, only it’s huge and the way it helps moisturize is from the outside. Without penetrating the skin. Urea is a moisturizer that occurs naturally in the skin and is also a good supplement when applied on the outside. It is tiny and penetrates deep into the corneal layer. Lactic acid, or rather lactate, is also a moisturizer.

Aquaxyl and propanediol are new-generation moisturizing components. They are small, very hygroscopic molecules that operate on two levels: 1. Rapid elevation of moisture due to the hygroscopic structure. 2. Aquaxyl (in particular) increases the synthesis of essential fatty acids in the corneal layer – those that form the epidermal barrier, as well as increases the synthesis of structural proteins that are part of the epidermal barrier. In doing so, aquaxyl contributes to a healthier, more orderly and stronger structure of the cornea and skin barrier.

In addition, these ingredients have a property that, when combined in the formula, gives a real visual effect. The application of the cream to the skin integrates well with the external structure, slightly flattens the roughness of dead skin cells and gives a little fuller and a more uniform look.

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