You can be beautiful at any age!

Even if you haven’t taken good care of your skin for years.
Even if you’re very busy or simply don’t want to bother or spend the money.
The secret is to customize the right treatment for you.

The right skin treatment doesn’t require a huge investment. Sometimes, you only need one powerful product to renew the skin and improve the signs of aging. What product? It’s crucial to have an initial assessment to find the product that is most compatible with the skin’s characteristics and the client – age, skin tone, skin type, habits, hobbies, genetics, health status, and more… But this precision pays off.
A correctly matched product can do wonders for the complexion.

What will such a product contain? And when to start using renewal products? First of all, it’s important to emphasize that the earlier you start, the healthier your skin will be when you reach your forties and fifties, and the easier it will be to renew. It’s easier to renew skin that has been well cared for over the years because the skin cells respond better to treatment, they’re “in good shape”. They divide faster, function better, the skin is firmer and vital. Skin that has been well cared for over the years, from the age of thirty+, is more responsive to changes and also later to injectables and procedures suited to more mature skin. It heals well and the result will look natural.

Some women start their skincare routine only in their forties. And some even in their fifties+. Will the results be good? Indeed. At these ages, retinol can be introduced, which contributes to skin firming, gentle peeling, shine, and vitality. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids should also be added, which exfoliate and smooth the skin, minimize pores, and treat spots. There are products that contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinol. These cause a rapid and visible change to the skin’s appearance.

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