What should we do with wrinkles?

There are different types of wrinkles: Expression lines, wrinkles that stem from sagging skin, fine lines, and deep wrinkles. Why is it important to name each type of wrinkle and determine where it came from? Because that way we’ll know how to treat them.

Expression lines in the upper part of the face – thought/worry lines, frown lines, and laugh lines can be treated with Botox injections. Botox is not a filler but rather a substance that relaxes the muscles in the area and as a result they don’t contract and create wrinkles. Sometimes the expression lines are tiny, more like fine lines. Fine lines can be improved with active topical ingredients (at a concentration that can be obtained at skincare clinics). They can also be treated with mesotherapy – a treatment method for overall skin renewal and firming.

Wrinkles at the sides of the mouth, the smile lines: If they’re deep they can be filled with injectable fillers. Fine lines can be improved with topical active ingredients or with mesotherapy. Fine lines on the cheek are nicely improved with professional topical products and with mesotherapy. In general, creams do not smooth wrinkles. They improve the appearance of fine lines, the skin’s texture, boost vitality and shine, and treat spots.

There are several technologies (devices) that also facilitate an improvement in the skin’s firmness and fine lines. They are available at skincare clinics. Treating wrinkles requires a professional assessment. Your cosmetologist can help you with an assessment. She knows what each wrinkle is and how it should ideally be treated. Even if she doesn’t do the treatment, she’ll refer you to the right professional. Sometimes she’ll equip you with a product to maintain the results or to achieve a further improvement in your skin, one that you didn’t think was possible.

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