Vitamin C – the benefits

What is its importance for the skin and what is the benefit of Biofor’s Vitamin C Serum?
Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins in the functioning of the skin, in our eyes it is the second most important after vitamin A.
* Stimulates collagen production;
* Increases humidity level;
* Anti-inflammatory;
In the cosmetics market there are about ten common derivatives that various manufacturers use. They are all good and they all give us the benefits we mentioned above. Some derivatives are fat-soluble and some water-soluble.
Most products on the market contain one derivative of the vitamin. At Biofor, it was important for us to protect all phases and all areas of the skin, so we combined two derivatives, one water-soluble and one fat-soluble.
Water soluble: magnesium ascorbyl phosphate
Fat soluble: ascorbyl tetraiso palmitate
Our skin also has fatty areas (such as the cell membranes and cell organs, in the corneal layer, between epidermal cells) and watery areas (like other areas of the corneal layer, the intracellular environment and parts of the intercellular environment). Our thinking was – providing 360 degrees of protection, support, activity and improvement of functions – to all areas of the epidermis and dermis.
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