The Truth about Gold in Cosmeceuticals

The world of cosmetics has embraced gold due to its mesmerizing charm, using it as an ingredient in various products – creams, masks, serums, and ampoules.
Its appearance, the luxurious feeling it brings about, and the stardust make the general public believe that the same magic will make their skin look more beautiful.

As a piece of jewelry, gold can indeed be beautiful and exude prestige. But does every precious thing also treat the skin? Does it change anything?

Of course not!

The cosmetics world is full of gimmicks. And using gold in skin care products is one of them.

You may read in the articles that gold “contains ingredients that care for the skin” including antioxidants, but every chemistry student knows better.

Element No. 79 in the periodic table, gold’s symbol is Au. Atoms are the smallest units in nature, from which all other things are made, including every molecule. Antioxidants are molecules—therefore, an atom couldn’t possibly contain a molecule.
It’s the other way around—molecules are made up of atoms.

Scientifically, there is no source or research that shows any activity of the gold on the skin. Absolutely nothing. In a small number of cases, gold may even trigger sensitivity or allergy.

So it’s worth separating the beautiful appearance of a product, its shiny, mesmerizing magic, and promises from our decisions about which product will be good for our skin.

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