Skincare at age 28-35

Every age has its characteristic signs of aging. From about the age of 28, the skin starts to show a loss of luster and changes in its texture. Over the years, fine lines develop, which later become wrinkles. Skin spots develop after pregnancy and also with age and sun exposure. Facial contours change – as you age, the skin sags and the eye area gradually becomes sunken. The skin loses volume and the cheeks shrink.

Ages 28-35 still have beautiful taut skin, although the textural changes are already noticeable. Sometimes there are also residual pregnancy spots that don’t fade. This is the time to start a skincare routine and proper skin renewal. Treating your skin on time protects its vitality and youthfulness even as you continue to age. It also makes it possible to later make changes such as injectables or surgery, with better results. In women that started with injectables or surgeries at an older age, and who didn’t care for and renew their skin before, you see a drastic difference in the skin’s appearance. They may get a “mask face”, a completely different expression on their face, which others find difficult to process, and the client is often displeased with the result.

So what should we adopt at age 28-35? It’s worthwhile adopting a product with alpha hydroxy acids designed to peel and renew the skin’s texture. They also improve the appearance of enlarged pores and acne scars. The acids maintain normal metabolic processes in the skin, a vital and well-groomed complexion, and proper hydration. The concentration of acids intended for renewal requires use in the evening only. During the daytime, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and use a sunscreen for as long as the product is used. Using a product with antioxidants will complete the picture and slow down further damage to the skin. If the skin is left with spots, an additional product that reduces pigment production will help to even out the skin tone.

The way to skin renewal is using baby steps, building slowly and properly, from an age when you can start, when the first changes begin to emerge. This will ensure a beautiful, harmonious appearance that isn’t drastically different to the face that you and the people around you are familiar with. And most importantly, the skin is vital and treated with a high degree of success.

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