Niacinamide – What Do We Know About It?

It turns out that it is a “multi-talent” ingredient, which helps us in many areas of skin care:
  • Balances sebum secretion, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory – that is, good for acne;
  • Reduces the dispersion of melanin into cells– good for pigmentation;
  • Antioxidant – good for stressed skin and also for those aged 35 plus, for smokers or sun exposure;
  • Reduces skin redness – for a variety of reasons, can also relieve rosacea
  • Increases moisture level and helps repair the epidermal barrier – good for dehydrated or “neglected” skin for the above reasons,
  • It is also good for improving the function and appearance of aging skin.
And where will we find it in Biofor?
Once we have upgraded the Kure formula, it can be given to a large variety of customers! Not only in acne… Kure now contains 5% niacinamide, in addition to a new ingredient – PAD – potassium azeloyl diglycinate, which is a unique derivative of azelaic acid. It is non-irritating, moisturizing, sebum-balancing and melanin-balancing. So if the skin is mature; or red/hyperemic; or acne; or dehydrated; Or oily– the new Kure is a solution…
Its texture is light and pleasant, a fresh odor, well absorbed and suitable for both oily and normal skin. For dry skin, it’s not moisturizing enough. But it is possible to support, in addition, with a serum under the Kure.
For example, Vita Serum.
So… Innovate with more options, and show customers the full range of benefits 😊
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