Hyper Pigmentation – addressing the existing and the “future” spots

There are many ways and many protocols that we adjust to clients with pigmentation. Each customer, in fact, receives different products and different instructions for use, depending on her situation. This is because there is a lot of difference between one and the other. Different type of pigmentation, different level of sun exposure, skin sensitivity, skin type (Fitzpatrick) and much more. Therefore, when you want to achieve accurate and safe results, the products and protocol must be customized in a very personal way.

Here is a brief repetition of how our pigmentation products work – there are a total of two mechanisms of action: – (1) peeling (2) balancing the pigment production.

The peelers work on the existing spot – gradually removing dead skin cells that contain excess pigment. Right from the top. The melanin inhibitors work from within on the “future” spot the one that has not yet been created, the one that “wants to be born”. They do not clear existing spots.

Sometimes cosmeticians say – “But I’ve already seen results when I only gave Skin Tone”… Indeed, there may be a partial change with the use of Skin Tone alone. There are reasons for this. One of them is that the skin is already undergoing its natural exfoliation. The thing is, we don’t really want to wait patiently for the natural process… We want to speed it up to get quick results.

In our treatment we will include both exfoliation and melanin suppression.  What peel? It is very easy to adjust the peeler according to the type of pigmentation, age, skin tone and features of the customer. What melanin balance? Skin Tone.  And of course, we have “combined” products that do both exfoliation and melanin balance.

Those who want to intensify the treatment: we will add the Light Cream moisturizer. Further empowerment will be obtained from the Azocare / Azelight+ combination on the same evening when one of the HA exfoliators and Skin Tone is used.

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