How will you look 20 years from now?

A lot more beautiful than how your mother and grandmother looked at this age.

We live in an era where age is just a number. Fifty-year-old women can look like they are in their forties or younger, and 40-year-old women look more like 30-year-old women from our parents’ generation. Perhaps because the previous generation looked old for their age (obviously from our point of view). But maybe it’s because of current techniques that didn’t exist back then.

Investing in skincare and beauty is not always a huge expense. But it always require a commitment to the process and making the right choice. There are ways to make the skin look younger, such as:

  • Highly active and concentrated peeling and renewal products. For evening use and with sun protection.
  • Skin rehabilitation products during the renewal procedure.
  • Mesotherapy treatments, or more accurately: Microneedling – to firm, rejuvenate, and treat fine lines.
  • Methods to lighten unsightly skin spots that make us look older.
  • Creams to prevent skin spots during sun exposure
  • Various technologies, such as: Radiofrequency (RF) – for intensive treatment of the skin’s firmness and texture.
  • A variety of fillers for wrinkles, and Botox, which relaxes muscles and helps to prevent expression lines in the upper part of the face.

These, and more, are methods used at skincare clinics that work with advanced skin renewal techniques. These are new methods that were not available in our parents’ generation. They are the result of the past ten years of development, and they keep getting more sophisticated.

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