How will we properly select cosmetic products?

There is a huge difference between off-the-shelf products and professional therapeutic products. Professional products are only available at skincare clinics. Matching such a product to a person’s skin requires professional assessment and follow-up. The assessment is usually free of charge and so incredibly valuable. It will equip you with a wealth of information about your skin, its needs, its type, and the active ingredients that are specifically suited to it, and no less important: the ingredients that may harm it. The professional cosmetologist has all this knowledge, and she will be happy to share it with you in a one-on-one consultation.

Important to know:
Just like medication, it doesn’t make sense that we choose professional skincare products at a store. If you want to change how your skin looks, then you need to understand that a change in external appearance entails a change in the skin’s structure, functionality, and behavior. Skin is living tissue. It is the largest organ in our body. Treating tissues and organs is founded in science. Just as a doctor studied and specialized in a specific organ or tissue group, the cosmetologist specialized in skin esthetics. In fact, her learning never ceases, she continues to take courses and gain experience. The ability to cause a change in the tissue stems from the most current information. The cosmetologist is the one who has this knowledge, and not the sales rep at the drugstore.

The cosmetologist is familiar with the active ingredients and concentrations of the products she offers, and she knows to match these ingredients to the skin’s needs. When you visit the cosmetologist, she’ll complete a comprehensive health questionnaire with you that also includes information about hobbies, daily routine, smoking, degree of sun exposure, medication, diseases if any, and more. This information is very important to matching the therapeutic product to your skin. Moreover, the product’s manner of use will always be unique to you. You will receive instructions for use that don’t resemble what other women receive. The cosmetologist will examine your skin under a special lamp, and sometime using additional devices. These assessment methods give a very precise picture of the skin’s condition, degree of moisture, tiny flaws in the skin, and processes that are not yet visible to the naked eye. According to all this, she will assign you with an active product, unique instructions for use, and will monitor the progress of the change in the skin’s condition. And now – try to think which of these occurs when you select an off-the-shelf product for yourself at the store, order a product online, or consult with the sales rep at the store?

Another important point:
There’s a difference between off-the-shelf products, or products that are available for sale online, and professional therapeutic products.
A reasonable professional product will have higher concentrations of the renewing and peeling ingredients. Sometimes, when first starting to use such a product, the user may experience mild redness, tingling, or visible peeling. These are common side effects when using a powerful skin renewal product to treat spots or acne. Your cosmetologist is available to you, in the evening hours as well, if you experience any side effects or discomfort. She will give you precise instructions and will also be able to soothe your skin easily. Your skin will eventually adapt quickly to the active product and the change you want will be visible quickly. However, companies offering off-the-shelf products, or products that are sold online, do not handle side effects remotely. The sales rep at the store doesn’t know how to cope with them, nor is she available at all hours. Therefore, off-the-shelf products will most likely have a lower concentration of certain active ingredients. Lower than what is necessary to see a change in the skin.

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