How to have healthy and radiant skin in the winter?

Winter weather may cause dryness in the skin.
Skin with a low level of hydration looks dull and lackluster. How can this be fixed?

  1. Adopt a slightly richer moisturizing cream than the one you used in the summertime. Air humidity levels are lower in the winter, which causes water to evaporate faster from the skin, resulting in less hydrated skin. Skin that is saturation in moisture looks vital and radiant. Lower moisture levels result in a less vital and more lackluster complexion.
  2. Adopt a mild Exfoliating product that you can use every other evening. This product can contain around 10% glycolic or lactic acid or a combination of both. If you have a dark skin tone, you’re better off using a product based on lactic acid.
  3. On very dusty/smoggy days, the air pollution is very high and it affects the skin. On these days, it’s crucial to cleanse the skin very thoroughly. If you have a granular or crystal exfoliator, use it. Right after a thorough cleansing, apply a moisturizing cream.
  4. Avoid taking long hot showers since they dry out your skin.
  5. Visit an experienced and professional cosmetologist for a check-up once every two months. Usually the check-up is free of charge. This is a service offered by cosmetologists and it doesn’t require any treatment. The professional recommendations and preliminary assessment of your skin are so valuable and definitely worth the time you invested in it.
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