How to Get Stronger Melanin Suppression?

Sometimes the client is in a “hormonal storm” or mental stress/skin stress or any reason why her melanocytes are now intensively active, and you want to moderate their activity. More than ” twice a day Skin Tone”. How do you do it?
Prefer using Skin Tone and a peeling product, over our combined peels – Double Peel, Renew+, Lacto Feel +.
Build a protocol where Skin Tone will be applied 3 times a day and not just twice. A
dd one of our azelaic acid products to your treatment. If you want to give an azelaic acid product *daily* right now, along with the peeler and Skin Tone, choose Azo Care – or Azelight+. (Not in the old and well-known Azelight, because its combination with a peeling product would be too stimulating.). Order of actions in the evening: 1. Washing the face with soap and wipe. 2. Applying the exfoliating product. 3. After about 20 minutes, applying Azelight+ or Azo Care. 4. After about 20 minutes, applying Skin Tone. In the morning – applying skin tone to clean skin. Patient can add moisturizer after about 20 minutes.
Give the customer Light Cream as a moisturizer, instead of the usual moisturizer. It helps treating pigmentation – it has 3 melanin supressors, less powerful than those found in Skin Tone but contributing to the lightening process. All in all, we will get more melanin suppression.
Easier to prevent than treat: Skin is stressed? Keep in mind that because of stress, it produces more melanin. Check whether you’ve given exfoliating ingredients that are too irritating, whether you’ve exfoliated too hard, whether you’re doing IPL, and any reason you have to believe the skin is stressed and you can change anything to remove stress. When you exfoliate your client in the clinic, add a layer of Azo Peel – our azelaic acid-based peeling. And the most obvious thing, which must still be noted: avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun and using sunscreen when necessary – are a very vital prevention.
In the pictures below:
Renew, 3*day Skin Tone, Azelight, in the clinic: Bio Peel Glycolic.
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