How should combination skin be treated?

Combination skin is oily in the T-zone and dry in the other areas (called the U-zone).

Treating combination skin can be frustrating and confusing since it is actually two types of skin. In other words, the same person has two different skin types. Therefore, it makes sense to treat the skin with two different creams: One – light and suited to oily skin, and the other – richer and suited to dry skin.

To reduce irritation in the dry areas, use a gentle soapless soap that doesn’t dry the skin. Avoid bar soap, which is drying and clogs pores. The appearance of enlarged pores can be improved with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, as well as with retinoids.

If the oily appearance and enlarged pores bother you, add the following ingredients T to the T-zone:

Retinoids (derivatives of vitamin A) – Regulate sebum secretion and minimize pores

Sulfur – Regulates sebum secretion

Azelaic acid – Regulates sebum secretion

Alpha/beta hydroxy acids – Minimize pores

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