How can we prevent the formation of spots from suntanning?

Aside from sun exposure precautions and using sunscreen, there are products to prevent the formation of skin spots. These products reduce melanin formation (a pigment in the skin that gives it its color). Why use them? Some of us are more prone to developing spots after being exposed to the sun. Especially freckled people, whose freckles multiply and sometimes even merge during the summer. Using a product that reduces melanin production will minimize the risk of sun spots.

Modern cosmetology has introduced products that are smarter and more convenient to use. The melanin inhibitors are one example.
They contain melanin inhibitors only, without any peeling ingredients. With older cosmetology, these ingredients were combined in lightening creams together with peeling ingredients. This means that these products could only be used in the evening and only if the
person avoided sun exposure during the day. With the new products, they can also be used when exposed to the sun. Using such a product greatly reduces the risk of sun spots. When the winter arrives, the few spots that were created in the summer can be treated with a combination of peels, and a much better result can be obtained.

It’s easier to prevent than to fix! It’s best to consult your cosmetologist about adding these ingredients to your summer skincare routine.

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