Facial skin in wintertime and what treatment is the most effective?

Winter provides us with a window of opportunity for noticeable skin renewal. It doesn’t matter how we treated our skin in the summertime, most of the damage can be repaired. Obviously it’s better if we never abuse our skin 🙂 but care for it so that we have less work to do in the winter. Skin that is better cared for will respond better to the renewal treatments, but everyone can look a lot more beautiful when they use the right ingredients and concentrations.

One of the skincare superstars during wintertime is retinol. At the right concentration that is well-suited to the skin, this ingredient causes exfoliation and firming of the skin, a boost in hydration, pores to shrink and fine lines to fade, increased shine, even skin tone, and a younger and more radiant complexion. The correct concentration for each client will be determined by her skin tone, its current condition, and her age. This ingredient, in its renewal concentration, is suitable for evening use only. During the day, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Since the winter is not the season for suntanning at the beach and pool, it’s a very good time to start treatment with this ingredient.

Sometimes retinol will be incorporated in a product that has alpha hydroxy acids as well. On their own, they are also capable of performing daily exfoliation, which doesn’t cause any visible peeling, but exposes fresh new skin already during the first week of use. Hydroxy acids and retinol make a powerful combination, which intensifies the skin rejuvenation effect. It requires a cosmetologist to customize the products and monitor their use. As a rule, the products in skincare clinics are much more concentrated and active, and must be customized and monitored. However, they are the only ones that can truly “deliver the goods” and enable a change within a few days of use.

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