Exercise – Does it affect your facial skin?

What’s the relationship between exercise and beauty?

We all know that it’s healthy to exercise, when it’s done the right way and at a frequency that’s good for our body. Physical fitness contributes to good health and disease prevention. Will it help us have younger and better looking skin? Apparently so.

How does it happen?
In a few ways:

Exercise boosts blood flow in the body. Blood transports oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and nourishment to cells. The skin benefits from this good supply and becomes vital, pinkish, alive, and its function improves.

Exercise reduces stress. We are all familiar with the damage stress causes to our skin: The skin reflects everything we are going through. Stress exacerbates: acne, seborrhea, allergies, and irritations. Stress also causes skin diseases to flare up, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. It can also trigger herpes or exacerbate existing herpes. In fact, most skin phenomena and diseases are exacerbated by stress or their healing is hindered by it.

Exercise also stimulates lymph to flow throughout the body. The lymph ducts flow parallel and adjacent to the blood vessels. Lymph drains fluid from tissues, including toxins and bacteria. Lymph movement is extremely important for the body’s healthy functioning.

What should we focus on when we work out?

  • Protect the skin from solar radiation by using sunscreen. In the winter there are numerous hours in the day that are suitable for exercising outdoors. In the summer, we should exercise in the early morning or later afternoon / evening hours.
  • Clean sweat off immediately after a workout
  • Remove makeup. It’s best not to exercise with makeup on.

Exercise positively affects mood and an overall sense of wellbeing. So who doesn’t want to have fun and look better?


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