Darkening under the eye area – What could be the reasons?

• Sometimes, in light skin tones, through the semi-transparent and thin epidermis in the area, the blood vessels in the dermis are reflected to us in an oval/bluish color.
• Sometimes the skin in the area is more sunken, this is a sunken structure that creates a “shadow” that appears to the observer as darkening of the skin. But in many of these cases, when hyaluronic acid is injected into the area, “surprisingly” – the darkness disappears. Because it wasn’t really darkening in the first place (and we know that hyaluronic acid doesn’t clear pigmentation). It must be remembered in this context that when the skin in this area is firmed and thickened, if the darkness was due to reflected blood vessels, they may be less visible.
• Sometimes this happens to people who wear glasses regularly.
• Sometimes it’s a genetic trait.
• And sometimes pigmentation was created there due to stress or sun or a combination.
When it is not really pigmentation, but for example blood vessels or anatomical subsidence of the area, there is no point in lightening agents. You need to carefully check the source of the darkening.
When it really is due to hyperpigmentation, even here there will be cases whose treatment is more complex and difficult than others. In particular, those with the genetic background. But in any case, when it’s pigment, you should still try a treatment while setting expectations very carefully with the client. Over the years we have seen a variety of results. Some that pleasantly surprised the customers, some that were partial and even less so, and cases where they hardly saw any improvement. In any case, if after setting expectations the client wants to start the process, you can try a personalized treatment protocol.
The treatment will include very gentle exfoliating product, up to 7-8% lactic or glycolic acid. If this is medium to dark skin, we will prefer the lactic acid.
To reach a fine concentration, you can give a more intense exfoliator and reach half a dose by mixing with moisturizer. You can also pre-select a gentle exfoliator. We should also provide melanin suppression, remember that most of the melanin suppressors are suitable for the eye area. Sometimes superficial and gentle microneedling along with melanin suppressors can improve the area. This is on the condition that the area is not currently under stress (the photo below illustrates an inflamed area).
Options with Biofor products:
• Lacto Feel plus, can be used directly and without dilution on the eye area. You can add Light Cream as a moisturizer.
• Lacto Feel and on top of it – Skin Tone: start the use of Lacto Feel with half a dose and gradually increase. Light cream will help, in addition.
• Double Peel and on top of it – Skin Tone: start the use of Double Peel with half a dose. If along the way the skin can tolerate it, you can gradually increase to a full dose, and apply Skin Tone over it.
Tip: Azo Care is a non-irritating melanin suppressor, and you can find a way to integrate it into the treatment routine, even if not daily.
In the picture below: a combination of redness + darkening. Part of the darkening may be due to the constant inflammation that caused the redness. Here, it makes sense to use soothing ingredients together with melanin suppression and later to incorporate a gentle exfoliation.
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