Sunscreen products – Did you know? mineral protection components

One of the ingredients in sunscreen products, which is a bit “hidden in the dishes” and is not at the forefront of our conversation, is actually an important and irreplaceable component. We are all talking about the mineral protection components (which provide physical protection: reflecting UV radiation) – titanium dioxide, zink oxide. We know that there are also so-called “chemical” ingredients that absorb the rays and do not reflect them. By absorbing, they protect us because this happens instead of absorbing UV rays in the skin components and cells themselves.

But there is a modest and humble ingredient, which is actually found in sunscreens with shade, and is not found in products with the white color. It gives them an added value. This is Iron Oxide. Its official function is to give the tint. Its less formal but important advantage: protection from visible light rays… As we know, it also causes skin aging and pigmentation in addition to UV rays. Visible light has quite an effect in people who are exposed to the sun a lot. Visible light is also responsible for aesthetic and functional damage such as tendency to redness and damage to blood vessels, inflammatory reactions in the skin, aging, texture changes and worsening of pigmentation.

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