Retail Cosmetics vs. Professional Cosmetics

Retail Cosmetics vs. Professional Cosmetics—Can You Tell the Difference?

Any age is the perfect age for skin care!

And every day is the best day to make the right choice—but what does making the right choice mean?

#1: Choose to invest in yourself.

The earlier you start your skin care routine, the better your chances of reaching later stages of life with beautiful skin and a younger appearance.

#2: Choose professional cosmetics.

Professional skincare products are more active and concentrated. Some can even be customized to your skin tone, genetics, daily routine, habits, and current skin condition.

If you haven’t done either of these things and fear it’s too late—don’t worry. It’s never too late to start the correct skin care regimen, no matter your age. Our skin responds well to the ingredients that are most suitable, so when you start using professional skin care products, you’ll see the benefit of fresh, vibrant skin within the first month.

As a leader in the professional cosmetics industry, BIOFOR specializes in customized skin care products that produce real results.

Our therapeutic approach to customized skin care products resembles that of a physician’s approach to each patient. It includes:

– In-depth understanding of the skin’s structure and function
– Analyzing the sources of underlying the aesthetic problems
– Matching the right ingredients for each case

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