Bio-Logic is series of products based on an innovative therapeutic approach which allows you to provide personalized skin treatment.

In line with the trend in medicine in recent years – the development of custom medicine – (molecular medicine, or pharmaco-genetics), cosmetic skin care also requires an accurate and customized approach.
In order to achieve the best results, professional skin therapists must adapt medical approach. That is: a deep understanding of the skin, Of the unique characteristics of the patient himself, the activity of cosmetic ingredients and of the ways to bring a change in the appearance and behavior of the skin.The treatment must be adapted to all the important variables associated with the patient.
Each and every patient has a different and unique set of genetic traits, of environmental influences, lifestyle, and different skin condition. Combining this data for each patient will allow us to decide what ingredients the skin will need.

BIOFOR has developed the GSE method for personal skin care:
A method of studying and deepening the patient’s skin, as well as all the important background data, choosing the ideal combination of ingredients for him, and preparing a customized and accurate preparation. The skin properties we diagnose belong to three main categories:




How Does It Work?
After an in-depth diagnosis using the GSE method, the cosmetician chooses the most appropriate ingredients for the skin.

Biofor has developed 5 formulas of active ingredients, available as ampoules.

Each ampoule contains a unique and different composition – according to the therapeutic goal: skin rejuvenation, soothing the skin, increasing skin moisture, nourishing dry skin, protection from free radicals.
Each ampoule contains active ingredients in the exact concentration needed to turn a cream with a volume of 50 ml – into a therapeutic product. By combining 1 to 3 ampoules with the cream – the moisturizer becomes an active and accurate treatment for every skin!
While the customer enjoys a pleasant and interactive user experience, she also shows great involvement in the preparation of her personal cream. Her cream becomes her personal imprint. Her accuracy. The most correct combination for her skin, and the one that will make it function healthily and look beautiful.

Personalized cosmetics is the strongest trend in the world of cosmetics today. It actually refers to any form of personalization of the treatment or products – to the patient’s skin. This is practically what every good professional cosmetician does. Biofor has taken the personalilization to an even more professional and precise level, by making it possible to adapt the moisturizer, down to the level of the ingredients, to each and every patient in a way that deeply understands their uniqueness and differences. In this way, we enable a more unique and precise treatment for the skin with complete patient satisfaction.


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