Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important and diverse components in their activity when applied to the skin. It is much more than an antioxidant – it is also anti-inflammatory, increases the level of hydration, and encourages collagen production in the skin.

A 2021 study investigated the functions of vitamin C in protecting against UV radiation damage. It found that vitamin C significantly reduces the harmful effects of UVA radiation from the sun.

The researchers included both vitamin C and rutin in their study, as vitamin C is water soluble and rutin is fat soluble. The method solved the issue of using either a water or fat soluble derivative.

If only a water soluble derivative is used, it protects only the hydrophilic (aqueous) areas in the skin. If only a fat soluble derivative is used, it protects well the cell membranes and the epidermal barrier as well as other hydrophobic areas, but not hydrophilic areas.

The researchers found that using both a water and fat soluble ingredient yielded a much better result. (That’s why BIOFOR’s Vitamin C Serum contains two derivatives of vitamin C, one fat-soluble and one water-soluble).

Vitamin C is great for all skin types, but it can especially help people who smoke, people with light skin, and people with dry skin.

You can read the full study here >>>


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